OpenVPN Connect v3 downloads

OpenVPN Connect v3 is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Click on the icon of your preferred OS below to download.


Launching OpenVPN Connect v3

After installing the program on your respective OS, the first time you start it, you will receive some one-time messages:

Launching OpenVPN Connect v3

Import a configuration profile from the server

You can import a configuration profile directly by click on the + icon on the main screen

Import a configuration profile

Import a configuration profile from a file

Importing a configuration profile from a file works for almost any OpenVPN server. You simply need the necessary file(s) saved to your device. Start by clicking on the + icon, then choose File.

importing an OpenVPN profile

Either drag the profile file to the window, or point the program to is by clicking on Browse and then Open.

Make sure to click on Add and the profile will now display on the main screen where you can easily connect or disconnect.