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Do Gaming Like Never Before!!!

Here, you will have the privileges to create your eSports Profile, something that wasn’t available in Bangladesh before us! We hope you will get the ultimate gaming experience (or at least we will be working tirelessly to provide that!) on legendary games like PUBGM, Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite, Free Fire and much more!
Explore us. We have a ton to offer!

Test Your Skill With The Best of Best

While you were upping your game by gaining different skills, most of our other players were doing exactly that. So, now that we have multiple skilled teams, why not give it a shot here at GCB to prove that your team is the ultimate best!

Build Your eSports Profile

Ever got jealous by seeing different global players and teams having their own eSports Profile and wonder what if you could have a platform to create one of your own?
Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Seasonal System

In GCB, we don’t believe in second chances, we believe in “Six Chances”. Therefore, we will bring 6 seasons per year and in every season, you and your team will have a chance to become a champion dream team

eSports for Everyone

Your skills don’t matter to us as there is always room for improvement. So, if you’re a pro, GCB will be your Kingdom to dominate. But if you are not as skilled as the Pros, through constant practice, maybe one day, you will make everyone jealous of you!

Claim Your Rank

With every eSports Profile, there’s an eSports Gaming Career. Here is no different. So, by dominating in GCB, earn ranks and tiers in different games and make your achievements worth your while!